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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My So-Called Pony Mama Life

My So-Called Pony Mama Life

Over the past few months I’ve taken notice of certain behaviors and activities that have “changed” since we’ve jumped completely into Pony Girl’s first competitive horse show season. We are spending more time at the barn, more weekends at shows, and of course, more money.
Some things that are now rather routine Pony Mama business of the day weren’t even on the radar pre-pony days. So, here it is. A “list” of stuff we now do or know, that we’d never do or know of if our family was not a Pony Posse.
  • Always have a baseball cap and pony tail elastics in the vehicle. Helmet head must be covered
  • Enter a store or restaurant directly following a ride. This means in breeches, manure-laden footwear, and shirt with visible horse slime in at least two locations. And a baseball cap covering helmet hair
  • Let Pony Girl pee in a stall.
  • Let Pony Mama pee in a stall.

  • What “denier” means and that more is better.
  • Can remove or put on a martingale in less than 30 seconds.
  • Pony Mama stops washing the vehicle because it will just get barn dirt on it again tomorrow.
  • Pony Papa stops washing Pony Mama’s vehicle because it will just get barn dirt on it tomorrow. This typically occurs about three months after Pony Mama has already given up. (P.S. Pony Papa suprised Pony Mama this weekend and washed the van. With a powerwasher. Sigh.)

  • Know the difference between turnouts, rugs, coolers, scrims, sheets, fleeces, and blankets. And that for each, there is a difference between those for field, stable, and show. Yep. For real.
  • Witnessed  the “Floating” of horse teeth. Yes. She is holding Toadie's tongue. (This looks scary, but horse teeth always grow so they occasionally need to be filed and shaped for good health. Thanks, Vet Katie!)

  • And, of course, BEANS. Enough previously shared on that topic.

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